I warmly welcome you to the Al-Shalal Al-Azraq Company (SHACo) family, an organization deeply rooted in the oil and gas industry of Iraq. As Chairman, I am privileged to lead an organization that plays a key role in accelerating the development of our nation's oil sector.
At SHACo, we're aware of the immense oil production potential that Iraq possesses. We're committed to leveraging this potential with the aim of positioning Iraq as a leading nation in oil production. This involves nurturing local capabilities and fostering collaborations with international partners committed to infrastructure development.
Reflecting on the past year fills me with a sense of pride to see how our team has grown and evolved. We've expanded our oil and gas division, welcoming aboard a strong team brimming with experience, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to our vision. As we continue to march towards our corporate objectives, we've simultaneously embarked on a journey of continuous improvement. We've upgraded our facilities, embraced new technologies, and acquired state-of-the-art equipment.
With warm regards,
Dr. Shalal M. Falih
Chairman, Al-Shalal Al-Azraq Company (SHACo)